Melbourne's Security Specialist

Image With technology being a big part of our everyday life, we have found our clients wanting more tech savvy security systems to be installed in their homes.  From video intercoms that look like a big iphone, alarm keypads that are touch screen and also display family photos in rotation when idle, to security cameras & security alarms that can be accessed from your iphone or ipad so that you can check the teenage kids are doing their homework or keep an eye on your home while taking that trip around Australia that you always dreamed about, all while you are away enjoying yourself. Smart homes are the way of the future and although there are systems out there at the moment to control your home devices & security systems they are limited and expensive. Microsoft are currently testing and soon to launch (in America) software called HomeOS (operating system) which can operate all your home systems from one smart device (iphone or ipad).  Bringing the operation of your homes devises such as lights, door locks, security camera, alarm and even your TV and games consoles together with user friendly software on your smart device.  Microsoft claim that they are bringing smart homes to the masses so we are looking for the launch in Australia and what it is going to cost. For more information about HomeOS and to see a video demo click here


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