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Safe City Cameras Melbourne

Safe City Cameras Melbourne

To promote city safety, 53 close circuit TV (CCTV) surveillance cameras are installed in the city.

The cameras operate in areas where anti-social behaviour or criminal activity are more likely to occur. The cameras are linked to a control centre staffed 24 hours a day. Signs and pavement plaques have been placed in areas where activity is being monitored.

The program aims to provide a safer environment and reduce crime levels by deterring potential offenders and helping in crime detection.

The Safe City Camera Program

The City of Melbourne established a CCTV system in the city in 1997. The Safe City Cameras Program (SCCP) has operated continuously since that time and is one aspect of Council’s Strategy for a Safer City 2011–2013.

This camera program assists Council and the Victoria Police to work together to improve response times to crime and other emergencies. The program was developed to:

  • contribute to the provision of a safer physical environment
  • assist Victoria Police to reduce crime levels by deterring potential offenders
  • aid detection of crime, breaches of laws, identify offenders and assist with emergency response.
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CCTV Footage Found Jill Meaghers Killer

Jill Meagher, a 29-year-old who moved from Ireland to Melbourne three years ago disappeared while walking home from a bar in Brunswick.
Jill had left Bar Etiquette on Sydney Road at 1.33am (AEST) Saturday 22nd September after drinking with ABC colleagues.  She never completed the five-minute walk to the flat she shares with her husband, Thomas.
In the CCTV footage, Jill could be seen speaking with the man in the blue hoodie outside a bridal dress store.  In the footage, the man in the hoodie walks back and forth, speaks briefly to Jill, and then walks off ahead of her.
She then speaks to her brother on her mobile for two minutes, walks out of view of the camera.
With the extensive Media reports about her disappearance across Melbourne, we watched the story of Jill Meagher unfold with a conclusion that has rocked Melbournians.
The one positive outcome is that her killer Adrian Ernest Bayley was identified by the CCTV footage and her family can today say goodbye to her in a private funeral.
We hope the government will follow through with their plans to install more CCTV cameras around the city of Melbourne to ensure our streets are safe, as we see how it can provide peace of mind and assist the police in getting criminals off our streets every day.