Melbourne's Security Specialist

We are all getting harassed by the endless stream of prompts, passwords, PINs and locks. Every feel like you have lost your identity to the endless stream of numbers and logins. Well, the guys at Bionym have found a better solution that both heightens personal security and allows the user take back their identity. They solved it with a heartbeat.


The Nymi uses your unique electrocardiogram (ECG) to authenticate your identity through an embedded sensor. It then uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate your identity to all of your devices, bypassing any verification obstacles. It’s a personalized solution that allows you to access the technology you love on your terms.
The Nymi also has motion sensing and proximity detection that allows users to perform remote, gesture-specific commands, creating a dynamic and interactive environment. A simple twist of the wrist can unlock your car door.

The potential for something like the Nymi, a device that can interact with technology with identity, motion, and proximity, is endless. If you would like a Nymi or to find out more go here:


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