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Want to know more about Analog vs IP Cam

Want to know more about Analog vs IP Cameras? Watch this video from The Communicator

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The long awaited Dorani 600 touch sense,

The long awaited Dorani 600 touch sense, video intercom has arrived! Contact us for a quote to upgrand or install your new intercom system. #Dorani600


Digital Door Lock

Sick of losing your keys?

We have a solution for you which is easy and won’t break the bank.  Your friends will also be impressed when they turn up to your front door and see the snazzie door feature.  No keys required just a pin code or a backup swipe card, it’s easy to install (if you’re pretty handy) if not we can always do the installation for you.  See all the features and specifications below and then you can go here to buy it now!

Digital Door LockSpecification

Color – Chrome coating(Front body), Silver(Main body)
Opening Method – Password, Digital Key
Appearance – Front body : 70W x 196H x 24D
Main Body : 70W x 196H x 33D
Material – Front body : Aluminum alloy, Polycarbonate
                    Main Body : Engineering plastic, Mortise-Zn alloy
Opening power – 4x 1.5V Alkaline Batteries AA size
Valid thickness of a door – 40~50mm
Life time Battery – 12 months (based on 20 times a day. Also depends on temperature and humidity )

• Mortise Lock

• Numeric reshuffle feature (First in the world)

• Fire alarm system

• Intelligent security features

• 4-8 Digits password registration

• Easy installation guide

• Activity indicator Lamp

• Register up to 20 touchkey

• Anti-hacking/Break-in prevention system

• Internal Alarm features

• Low battery alarm

• 2 way function (Password/Digital Key)