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Introducing the Security Alarm Response Policy


We are still wondering if the Alarm Response Policy will be introduced here in Victoria.  The Alarm Response Policy was introduced over 12 months ago in NSW, whereby police required alarm verification via ‘visual or remote video’ alarm verification. The Alarm Response Policy over the past 12 months has reduced the number of alarms reported to police by 65%, equating to over 58,000 incidents. Of the 28,000 alarms police did respond to only 6% were actually confirmed as genuine. As a result the NSW Police Force will be enforcing a $200 false alarm fine for non genuine-false alarms in an aim to provide a more effective response to genuine alarms.

Under Section 209 of the Police Act the Commissioner of Police to charge a fee of $200, where Police respond to a false alarm on more then one occasion within any 28 day period where the premise is a building. Although the policy has not been rolled out in Victoria, we find that police are more likely to attend when the alarm has been verified.  This highlights the need for customers to consider implementing regular maintenance of their alarm systems to ensure that alarms operate effectively and installing CCTV cameras or new technology such as Videofied which will provide our A1 Graded Monitoring Centre with verification of the alarm and ensure that the police will attend on request.